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Project Description
The .NET Service Bus provides a way of connecting two endpoints on the Internet using WCF. SocketShifter uses these features to automatically bridge arbitrary TCP endpoints, handling any intermediate firewall traversal.

SocketShifter consists of a server process and a client process. The client process listens on an arbitrary TCP socket which is then connected, via the service bus, to a TCP socket that is established on the server.

So, for instance, a SocketShifter client listening on port 1000 on your laptop can connect to a SocketShifter server running on your office machine, in turn connected to your department server via RDP on port 3389. By connecting your laptop's remote desktop client to localhost:1000 you can log into your server, despite any firewalls that might be in the way.

Download and install Windows Azure AppFabric SDK V1.0 - July Update

You'll also need to sign up for an account: Azure Services Platform
.NET Services.

Download the Source Code and compile it yourself using Visual Studio 2010. See the README.TXT for more instructions.


Clemens Vasters released PortBridge at the PDC in November 2009, see for more information. You might consider using that code instead of SocketShifter.

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